This first level represents the acquisition of the basics. At this stage, the student is capable of handling the fundamentals of the language and basic descriptive communication.


Building off the first level, DELF A2 evaluates a student at an elementary level though s/he is more comfortable working in the everyday language and its concrete uses.


As the third step, the DEFL B1 assesses the independence of the student. At this stage, the candidate is supposed to be able to have a discussion, expand their dialogue by expressing their opinions and manage themselves in new everyday scenarios.


The highest level, DELF B2 validates a perfectly fluent level, total independence in the language and the ability of the student to manage him/herself. The DELF B2 candidate is capable of responding to any demand and knows how to recognize and correct their own deficiencies.



In its junior version, the DELF remains loyal to its different levels, but adapts the subject matter and pedagogy to make it more relevant for youth. The DELF junior is geared towards students of grade school age. At the end of the instruction, a diploma identical to the one awarded to adults is given to the student.

Since the different exams are independent of one another, the young student can freely sign up for the exams of his/her choice, depending on his/her progress and motivations. All exams, however, focus on the two pillars of language learning, comprehension (oral and written) and expression (oral and written).



The speaker in the C1 level is autonomous. Capable of establishing a comfortable and spontaneous conversation, s/he possesses a large lexical repertoire and knows how to choose appropriate expressions for his/her commentary. S/he equally is capable of constructing a clear and logical discourse, without hesitation, that demonstrates a mastery of principle structures.


The mastery of the language is shown by a high degree of precision and comfort while expressing oneself. The speaker/author at the C2 level is capable of performing academic or highly advanced tasks.
The DALF (C1 or C2) exempts its possessor of any linguistic test in order to attend a French university.